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“JULIE MARRY ME!”… That’s what’s etched on the 2nd straight post on the right; the post just past the one advertising “DL + SJ”.. It’s there.. trust me… The bridge is kinda out there in the back-backcountry but it appears to get frequent visits from high school age kids or those that just graduated…like Julie (I hope).

As for the Bridge: Named The Humbert Bridge. It was constructed in 1891 and appears to have been red ever since.It is a 126′ 6″ Burr Arch truss (whatever that means) covered bridge that crosses Laurel Hill Creek in the Turkey foot township.. Seriously.. Turkey foot? with that name the high school residences probably brought a few beers on their visits so as to take the edge off of living in…. Turkey foot USA… But back to the Bridge..In the 1980s it was reinforced with metal support rods (you can see them and their anchors in the exposure)… so the bridge, through the years, has been well cared for..There are no other interesting historic notes about Humbert Bridge, other than the bridge itself and being one of only 10 in the county.
However!!! I found out through internet research that in 2006 someone tried to blow it up.. WTF! Why? because it’s there… or maybe the fuse was lit by the frustrated and rejected, that is if he was rejected, courtin’ tagger who was smitten by Julie. I would HOPE not.. I HOPE Julie accepted his proposal.. either way I HOPE that was the last of destructive tries on this bridge. And if one thinks of doing such destruction I HOPE they read the tags etched in Humbert’s wooden supports and they come to realize that maybe ,some day, Julie’s children will walk the Humbert Bridge and come by the etched recording where their life, their family and their future had begun… “JULIE MARRY ME!”


DAY 242... Aug 28, 2013

DAY 242… Aug 28, 2013

“Dad! Look!!! a shooting-cloud!” At least that’s what I hope she would say, so them maybe we could sit for awhile and watch its’ motion. She could ask questions that only a child could ask of ‘Shooting-clouds’….”Dad, why does it glow on the bottom?”.

“well it has to do with the changes in the air that she moves through and how she approaches that change”.. “So…moving quickly, like all interesting meteoric clouds do, and at such a daring low trajectory, heats the bottom of the cloud, making it glow”, I would say

“Trajectory!”, “What’s trajectory?” she would ask

“Think of the shooting-cloud as a very flat rock that you see by still waters. You pick that rock up, crouch low to get the best approach and throw it… that’s trajectory. It skips across the water, leaving ripples before disappearing .. now think of those ripples as glowing light…” I point to the cloud, “You see Chelsea, that’s your Shooting-cloud; skipping above finger rock on rarified,still waters of Tucson Pond.”

That would be a nice conversation to have.

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