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JOHNATHAN CLOUD: “I only wish to share what I’ve learned – the very simple fact that it is right for a cloud to fly! ”
At some time we all want to be a Johnathan Livingston Seagull…..



He stood there, like a sea’s garden gnome… not moving; soaking-in the early morning…ocean sound, pink sunlight and foam.  Quiet and statuesque.  Maybe realizing that this moment only comes now.. observing.  knowing he is alive…then he moves….takes a sip of his coffee, looks through the lens and remembers.


StorylineA Storyline…



QUERINCIA… is the Mexican term for the area of the bull-ring where the bull makes its stand and has become a term that evelopes the idea of “place”. Place where one feels secure. For now this is our Querincia…. This is a very early morning photo of Downtown Scituate, Massachusetts and harbor. Its appearance reminds me of how small our town is and with this comes the feeling of Norman Rockwell to our lives . The camera collected so much town-light that it gives the photograph a miniature-like appearance. Shutter speed was set to 3.5″ w/low aperture, you can tell by the clarity and also if you look in the water, far left, you will see a lobster boat moving out the harbor for a fisherman’s day (I would like to try that some day); a haze with these camera settings. No wind, no movement so the boats are crisp, to early for people (other than lobstermen) so no individual blur… Days like this, where the lighting is perfect and nature is accommodating a nice sunset, are what make it worth getting up early in the morning.


DAY 8 (01-08-13)

RESOLVE.. It stands tall; helping those in need; even under the worst of storms… The lighthouse and flag have such resolve. This is what my Nikon (the camera silhouette in the Sunrise Project Picture for Day 8) saw of the Lighthouse and sunrise but I decided not to use it for the Sunrise Project, but used the I-phone pic instead; it gave more meaning to me this morning. and yes you can tape your Iphone to a Mono or Tri Pod…..Photo is deceptive, the Lighthouse is quit large with a 2-story house attached and still being lived in. Much history of this lighthouse, especially around the War of 1812, in which Scituate played a big role in (“Never Give up The Ship” was coined off our coast here)..


May the New Year bring you Joy, the ability to test your limits, the temperance to accept what comes your way with dignity and grace, and by all means the focus to mix it all together.. Happy New Year.

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