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Day 127 of SP… With Sumer approaching I’m having to get up at 4:30 am to pick up the coastal light.. Today was no exception, other than it was still air with ebbing tide at rising sun… Perfect timing for my favorite photographic visit: The Red Barn, Cohasset inner harbor; I set up on the small, narrow two lane bridge that I cross every day from small town, North Scituate to small town, Cohasset.. Behind me the exiting inner-harbor waters drop 6+ feet into the small outer harbor where Capt’n John Smith in 1614 set anchor.. A fast drop causing shooting rapids at low tide that I have seen kayakers run.. whose exiting smooth-rough running waters allow the inner harbor to act as a waveless pool… Yep, the time was good to photograph the Red Barn: Great light, contrasting skies (somewhat), Spring colors, waveless-pool conditions, no wind.. Peace and quiet.. So I set up and waited; observed… Started thinking of Capt’n John Smith and how he once visited these waters; anchored here: I can see why he chose this safe harbor; BUT… he had to get passed the outer rocky shores for the prize, which he did… and accomplished without the help of the Minot Lighthouse… It must have been an amazing site to see, as well as, a pretty impressive feat of seamanship…. Anyways.. The sun rises to the left of me…I look; I quietly fire, moving around inner harbor to see red-barn facet… her are a few photos of the COHASSET INNER-HARBOR RED BARN

Gin Getz

Sharing an untamed view.

Okanagan Okanogan

Reclaiming the Art of Living on the Earth

Michael Lewis Glover | Fine Art Photography

Architectural, HDR, Nature, & Landscape Photography

Life in a Photograph

Photography by André Diogo Pereira

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