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DAY 11 (01-11-13)

A great sunrise today, many photos to choose from .. great day to be Sunrisen’ it.. unbelievable colors).. The photo I finally decided to post for the Sunrise Project.. Is located on 3rd Cliff in Scituate.. There are a series of cliffs that rise out along the coastline (I believe there are 4) where there is high ground, a few hundred feet. 3rd Cliff in particular was where the initial settlers of Scituate from Kent, England, pre-1628, established their first plantation. I’m interested in finding the Kent Settler’s Cemetery here in the near future.. The photo is at the base of the 3rd cliff and was a tree that was silhouetted by a myriad of sunrise colors.. couldn’t resist setting the tripod, grabbing the coffee and sitting back for awhile.

Gin Getz

Sharing an untamed view.

Okanagan Okanogan

Reclaiming the Art of Living on the Earth

Michael Lewis Glover | Fine Art Photography

Architectural, HDR, Nature, & Landscape Photography

Life in a Photograph

Photography by André Diogo Pereira

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