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DAY 60 (03-01-13)

DAY 60 of SP… WHAT IS THAT THIRD SHADOW POINTING AT? AND WAY TOO MANY CALCULATIONS ON THIS SHOT…for the past month I have noticed at certain times the shadows cast by street light lay a grid on Minot Beach; an array with 2 rows and many columns; as columns vanish beyond street light cast. Also the horizontal grid-lines follow the surf line but only at a specific time in the tide-cycle..and I wanted to shoot it đŸ™‚ .. So the trick was to get the top grid line to edge up with surf-line and not let surf line pass it for 30″ (time of shutter speed).. Well that happened to be at 5:33 am this morning.. If not today, next opportune time would be around 29 days from now….. So I set up camera on lower grid line shadow, between surf line and railing, waited and shot.. For kicks I then moved every 5″ to the left of the camera so my shadow is cast 4 times (20 seconds of being static, 10 seconds in movement), giving the appearance that there was more than one person watching the sunrise.. My 3rd shadow is pointing in the direction of the sunrise.. Yep, too many numbers and timed hoops to jump through on this shot but it made for a fun and well planned Event

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