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DAY 157 (06-06-13)

Day 157 of SP…


I’M SURE everyone has had this type of day… Where you awake from a great sleep; open the eyes, you look around, notice the wife moving about, readying the dogs for a walk, hearing great morning sounds, noticing the nice filtered rising light… …….Sunlight!… CRAP!…I’ve overslept.. Then defying the laws of physics you spring out of bed, throwing clothes and shoe on, mumbling to oneself “How the hell could I of overslept on this day”.. A “Home Alone” Hollywood moment that doesn’t have that great Macaulay Culkin ending.. Or that rush one makes to the commuter rail station to catch that train into the city, all well knowing that it has already departed……… I grab a camera as I head out the door, disheveled both in appearance and mental thought, mumbling one last time as I pass my wife “crap how could I have overslept on this day”.. Sensing that she was giving me that comical look that she gives me at times… Grrrrr…
I head towards the beach ….. For me it was all about the exposure. The plan being to arise at the usual 4:00 am, but on this morning I knew the conditions would be near perfect for shooting: Right temps, Tide time, Cloud coverage, calm waters but nice breeze, great full spectrum of rising colors. was going to be a stellar pre-dawn and sunrise…It’s almost 5:30 am now. I missed my mark by 1.5 hrs… Argh.

within seconds I’m on beach seeing what I had missed ; Then, on the horizon, I see it. luckily I had grabbed the camera with the 300 mm lens; so I reach out with camera and catch them… Sailors.. They’re out pretty far; I cast out further and fire: Master-and-Jib sails, 20 to 30 feet in length I guess; I pull back mid-way and fire again.. I thought to myself; “they woke up early; earlier than 4:00 am. They didn’t oversleep.. argh”.. I pull back to 70mm to get their full distance…fire … hmmm, they’re out there; earlier than 4:00 am for sure I think.. I see they are heading towards the Sun’s cast, Nature’s spotlight. The sailors well deserved attention; I wait until they are fully lit; fire one last time to record their encore..
What they must have seen: quiet ocean wave, full sail breeze and sound, parallel to pre-dawn and rising sun…stunning colors of Nature’s Halo.. maybe coffee in hand, with other at tiller, watching that curtain rise…. washing worries away. Just knowing they are out there makes my morning calmer. Those sailors had caught that train, and I envision as that train pulled out, Nature’s conductor quietly telling me “This cosmic trains doesn’t wait for anyone, we’ll be back again. I’ve been doing this run for millions of years”… “But you on the other hand..I hope you are here when I arrive”… “I Hope you make it”

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