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DAY 117 (04-27-13)

Day 117 of the SP… Very little sleep last night; too busy learning some astronomy and “How to” take lunar photos, So this morning I thought it would be a rough start getting up and visiting the sunrise and what it brings. To my surprise , and relief, It wasn’t.. It was a misty, foggy, pinkish sunrise morning that brought a very quiet composure… Just Atlantic wave and a myriad of bird sound, including the sound of wing hitting water… and… many exposures I wish I could post as the Sunrise Project photo for today.. It was just one of those days of complete Satori, in the moment, no worries, just the moment…

Exposure of salt river marsh, Gulf River Estuary, Musquashcut river, North Scituate, Massachusetts… BE CAREFUL! you may fall in…

Gin Getz

Sharing an untamed view.

Okanagan Okanogan

Reclaiming the Art of Living on the Earth

Michael Lewis Glover | Fine Art Photography

Architectural, HDR, Nature, & Landscape Photography

Life in a Photograph

Photography by André Diogo Pereira

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