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DAY 116 (04-26-13)

Day 115 of SP… Great temps on Snady Beach, looking at what appears to be swirling ocean mist.. Minot Light house to the left.. a very nice SP morning.


I set up on Sandy Beach for the Sunrise Project and as the sun was rising I noticed what appeared to be swirling ocean mist and it was moving, slowly… I reached a little further with the 300mm lens, focused and hit the shutter release for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times… The swirling Atlantic phantom continued; moving in a northerly direction, towards rising sun.. I was hooked, wondering what it was; an optical illusion perhaps.. but it moves….Maybe the left-over exhaust from a large ocean-going vessel’s stack… but it’s not dispersing..yep, I was hooked…I set timer and fired once more as I watched its meandering progress.. What ever it was it brought back great memories. Memories of Arizona; backpacking with friends in desert sands… camp set.. banter flowing…beer in hand….watching dust-devils swirl on desert-ocean floor.

Gin Getz

Sharing an untamed view.

Okanagan Okanogan

Reclaiming the Art of Living on the Earth

Michael Lewis Glover | Fine Art Photography

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Life in a Photograph

Photography by André Diogo Pereira

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